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connectionsbooks by Paul Stuart

Your entry to the Connections series


I have not always been an author, but I have wanted to write a novel since as far back as I can remember.  We all make excuses for not doing things. We have everyday things to deal with such as earning a living, climbing the greasy pole towards the top, and so on. In the end, though, such things are not reasons for putting off doing something you've always wanted to do; they are really just excuses. If the desire is strong enough, if the burning is there, you make time; you find the space.

The idea for my first novel hit me when I was sat on a train, minding my own business. Actually, that's not quite true; I was listening to people around me; being nosey. The carriage was supposed to be a "quiet carriage," which meant that mobile phones, music etc. were taboo. As usual most people respected that, but there is always one, isn't there?  The comforting, agreeable peacefulness was interrupted by a woman who was not in the first flush of youth, but was not old either. Her conversation was heard by everybody in the carriage. Heads were raised and disapproving noises were offered as she told all and sundry what her plans were for the evening, who would be involved, where it was to happen and, graphically, what she hoped the climax would be!

We British are by nature a reserved bunch, but I think that's changing. One brave soul walked with purpose towards her seat and stopped beside her. He looked down at her, giving her ample time to stop her inane and boastful chatter. When it became apparent that she was determined to continue he shrugged his shoulders and began to sing.  It was obvious that he did not have a tuneful bone in his body, but he gave it his best shot as he belted out Blondie's hit "Hanging on the Telephone." The woman was stunned into silence, but he carried on. Eventually, the woman said, loudly into her mobile phone, "I'll have to go now. I can't hear a thing. There's a very rude man singing at the top of his voice standing beside me."

When he was certain she had been shamed into putting her mobile away, he turned on his heels and, to a rousing, clapped ovation from his fellow passengers, returned to his seat. He snapped open his newspaper with a crack that could have come from a gun and settled himself for the remainder of his journey.

I remember thinking that he was brave enough to do something that all of us in that carriage could have done, but were too reserved, too cowardly to do. It also gave me the starting point to my first novel, so I am grateful to that man.



This was my first novel and was published in January 2013. Have you ever sat on a train or bus and overheard a mobile phone conversation? Have you ever thought that people are careless about what they say in public on the phone? Worse still, have you ever wondered what other people have heard of your own phone conversation? John Lomax has his life changed forever by using his mobile phone on a train. Could it happen to you?


My second novel, HELL HAS NO FURY, was published in August 2013. It continues the story of the lives of the main characters from the first one, as the twists and turns continue apace and the women characters play an increasingly significant and dramatic role. The female of the species is deadlier than the male!


My third novel, THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, is the final part of the trilogy and was published in June 2014. Which characters have you become attached to? Every one of us has something we don’t want others to know. We prefer people to mind their own business, but what’s your secret? What happens when others get to know?


Based at The Exmoor White Horse Inn. The storyline takes in the 50th running of The Golden Horseshoe endurance challenge, but all is not as it seems as various characters bring their own histories and motivations with them. Life is never a straight line and we all have our own baggage to carry. How heavy is yours? Come with me and experience the magic, mystery and legends of Exmoor.


This is the second part of my Exmoor trilogy. When somebody says to you “I need a word”, you are not usually in for a cosy chat. It normally means trouble. Your heart races and the butterflies begin. For Quentin Legard it means more, as the words are delivered by somebody who fills him with sheer terror. We are a product of our genes and experience: nature and nurture. Thankfully, most of us have the right balance, but Quentin Legard’s life is a mess. His criminal past is laid bare as he is forced to look in the mirror. He doesn’t know that the highest authority in the land has decreed that he must face his demons and justice. Ray Quinn is on his tail.


The final part of the Exmoor Trilogy was published in September 2016. Quentin Legard is caught between a rock and a hard place, but knows he really has no choice; his life depends on ensuring Ray Quinn's plan is successful. The problem is that he is well aware that when it's all over, he is collateral damage. Quinn must make sure his country is safe from massive terrorist attack. Only the monarch, the Prime Minister and Ray Quinn know the full extent of the threat. 


Emily is the newest recruit to an elite, highly secret, unit formed to target enemies of the realm. It started with Ray Quinn, ex SAS and now retired and now Frank holds the reins. His daughter Emily, already a proven operative, has to investigate multiple murder, arms smuggling and other mysteries. She has a gift; a special gift. She doesn't think in straight lines. But she's not a team player and that causes problems. She also has a terrible illness and has to cope with its effects. To cap it all, she falls in love with Books. He has become a member of the team and their relationship blossoms in the face of adversity.